Hospitals are some of the most rewarding locations to design art for. In this new emergency medical facility, there were two opportunities for art to help relax children that needed to come into the facility. The first was in the waiting room. I designed and painted this mural to work into the beautiful design of the room. A nature scene was requested so I designed a setting that would really engage kids - it features a local landscape, lots of animals to discover and an opportunity to look under the water.

The other mural was designed to meet the financial restrictions of an already full budget and the needs of the kids who would be using this exam room. Because there wasn't the budget for a full mural, I had the wall painted a solid color that would fit into the rest of the design but also work as an under water color and then painted elements directly onto it. I also built and painted the soffit. The client and I thought kids might really enjoy a little sample of life "under the sea" but with local wildlife. I'm particularly fond of the otter.